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A phlebotomy technician is a healthcare professional that is responsible for drawing blood from patients and preparing it for further medical testing. Best practice in phlebotomy and blood collection who best. A person who performs phlebotomy is called a phlebotomist, although doctors, nurses, medical laboratory scientists and others do portions of phlebotomy procedures in many countries. Phlebotomy procedure, test, blood, tube, pain, time. I have it in my library and i think all healthcare professionals who draw blood samples should have it in their libraries, too, if not at their fingertips. Med tips, placed at strategic points in the narrative, provide helpful hints and useful information relating to the discussion within the text. Ask if the patient has any allergies or has had any issues or complications during previous blood draws. Who guidelines on drawing blood best practices in phlebotomy eng. Downloadable phlebotomy information in pdf format adobe reader is required to read these ebooks introductionto phlebotomy. Blood draw procedure and techniques e phlebotomy training.

Also, see to it that you have all the equipment you need for your specific phlebotomy procedure. Phlebotomy involves drawing blood from patients for use in testing as well as transfusions or storage of blood for future use. As a student in the advanced phlebotomy program, you will learn how to. It is important for the phlebotomist to follow a stepbystep procedure. Youll learn the educational side of things as well as the physical requirements. Phlebotomists draw blood from patients for testing purposes. Also, learn the detail steps to a successful blood draw never before seen by. Then we asked them to give advice on how to resolve these dilemmas or challenges.

Phlebotomy, technician, training, certification, refresher. Phlebotomy is one of the most common invasive procedures in health care. Therapeutic phlebotomy for iron overload treatment. Phlebotomy that is part of treatment therapeutic phlebotomy is performed to. The division of laboratory services phlebotomy team not authorized to. Phlebotomy the drawing of blood has been practised for centuries and is still one of the most. See more ideas about phlebotomy, medical laboratory and nursing tips.

This compendium is the goto book for straight answers about anything involving phlebotomy. Books for pediatric patients about their blood draw when youre a young patient, healthcare can be a scary place. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The chapter includes background information section 2. Answers to over 400 commonly asked questions on drawing blood samples for laboratory. This lecture will concentrate on the historical perspective of phlebotomy, and show that mans initial fascination with his blood and body fluids has had a direct influence on the study of biomedical science today. Phlebotomy experts were asked to list what challenges they have encountered when drawing blood from drug addicts. Recognize complications associated with the phlebotomy procedure. Phlebotomy procedure when using a syringe is basically the same as the one outlined above, except that blood is drawn by slowly pulling back on the syringe stopper, rather than an evacuated vacutainer tube.

Phlebotomy is the drawing of blood, a phlebotomist is someone with special training to do. Blood draws are extremely common and can be performed in independent laboratories, hospitals, clinics and blood banks. Current information is presented on blood drawing techniques and equipment. A nurse wellversed in phlebotomy contributes to better patient care. Before you can learn how to draw blood, youll need to learn how to find the vein. Both anxious and modern phlebotomy involve blood in the veins, but unlike ancient phlebotomy, modern phlebotomy has set protocols, procedures, and guidelines. You can also mix food coloring and water but it will not be as dense as a normal draw. The text provides detailed content reflective of the latest practice standards and competencies of the phlebotomy. Great tips on how to draw blood phlebotomy training. But, there is more to being a phlebotomist than just going by the book and learning how to draw blood. Best practices in phlebotomy who guidelines on drawing blood. Ask the patient to extend their arm and place a clean towel or paper underneath.

Who intends these guidelines to help improve outcomes for health care providers and their patients, to share information about the risks associated with drawing blood, to increase safe practices, and to reduce blood borne virus exposure and transmission. Drawing a blood sample from a patient is the main job for a phlebotomy technician. While not commonly taught in nursing school, programs recommend nursing students take extra courses to hone this skill. The center for phlebotomy education has just released its highly anticipated lab draw answer book.

For the clsi updated phlebotomy procedures please click here to download. When drawing blood from an adult, try to identify the median cubital vein. School for drawing blood phlebotomy technician program. Chapter 4 also provides information relevant to the procedure for drawing blood given below in section 2. The practice of drawing blood from a vein or phlebotomy is essential for a variety of medical procedures and tests to diagnose a patient. I have it in my library and i think all healthcare professionals who draw blood samples should have it. Draw 5 ml of blood and discard before drawing the specimen tubes for testing. However, in many countries other healthcare professionals are also capable of drawing blood e. Blood drawing every nurse must learn the simple nursing procedure of drawing blood, and should listen to experienced nurses for tips they didnt hear in nursing school. Books for pediatric patients about their blood draw. Phlebotomy training is the learning period that medical. Phlebotomy is essential for a variety of medical diagnoses, procedures, and tests. Unless drawing blood cultures, or prepping for blood collection, clean the site with. Drawing blood from patients or donors in hospitals, blood banks, clinics, doctor offices, laboratories or similar facility for medical purposes assembling equipment such as needles, blood collection devices, gauze, tourniquet.

One may wonder how blood samples are collected outside a hospital setting. Draw blood from lower extremities, except with a written physicians order 4. Its located between the bicep and forearm, also known as the cubital fossa. Phlebotomists are specially trained to gather blood samples and provide the testing and reporting required of these samples. This chapter covers all the steps recommended for safe phlebotomy and reiterates the accepted principles for blood drawing and blood collection 31. Learning how to draw blood is essential to becoming a phlebotomist.

This chapter outlines the risks associated with unsafe phlebotomy, and summarizes best practice in phlebotomy, with the aim of improving outcomes for health workers and patients. This is a large vein that should be easy to draw from. Complete textbook of phlebotomy free ebook with images. Phlebotomy is the act of drawing blood from the body. Phlebotomists phlebotomists are people trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research. A phlebotomist is a person who has received special training in drawing blood from the circulatory system of a person. The larger needle is necessary to protect the red blood cells from becoming damaged. Best practice in phlebotomy and blood collection who. The american red cross will teach you the proper skills to become a phlebotomist. Phlebotomy, the practice of drawing blood from a vein, is a proficiency. Patients are usually nervous if theyve never had it done before, or sometimes they have a phobia of needles or doctors offices. The needle used to extract the blood is typically larger than a needle for drawing blood for lab testing purposes.

This can either be done in a hospital or clinic setting or in a home, office or school setting. Lab draw answer book center for phlebotomy education. Phlebotomists should have a particular set of characteristics. This leads to defining what mobile phlebotomy services are. What does american red cross phlebotomy training involve. Draw arterial blood for blood gases or ionized calcium 3. Helen maxwell executive director, aspt 1 procedures for the collection of diagnostic blood specimens by venipuncture. Becoming familiar with the tools and medical terminology related to this skill will help you overcome your fear of it. In relationship to the treatment of hemochromatosis, therapeutic phlebotomy involves a technician removing approximately 450 to 500 milliliters, or 1 pint, of blood. How to draw blood from a vein phlebotomy technician program.

Procedures are explained using a stepbystep format including a terminal performance competency. The following chart outlines the guidelines for blood drawing that is practiced at. Best practices in phlebotomy who guidelines on drawing. Phlebotomy, the practice of drawing blood from a vein, is a proficiency that all nurses should learn in their career. Mar 16, 2014 with a strong emphasis on handson learning, this highly practical text helps students develop the phlebotomy related knowledge and skills they need to become confident, competent health care professionals. Phlebotomy is also done as part of the patients treatment for certain blood disorders. Step by step procedure for how a phlebotomist draws blood. Phlebotomy is the act of drawing or removing blood from the circulatory system through a cut incision or puncture in order to obtain a sample for analysis and diagnosis. It is a proficiency that nurses should learn, and phlebotomists should excel at. Draw blood from an inpatient that does not have an identification band 2. The process is also different when done on an infant or child because of the differences in the collection site and equipment that will be used.

You will need to reduce the density of the fake blood with the sterile water to fill the arm. Make the patient comfortable if you sense any anxiety or fear. Learn how to properly use blood collection systems like a straight needle, syringe and butterfly. How to draw blood with three different phlebotomy techniques how to draw blood with three different phlebotomy techniques. Phlebotomy standard operating procedures career trend. The healthcare worker then locks the child in the room and performs the procedure.

Explain the blood draw procedure and get verbal consent. Students should study venipuncture in books and watch licensed. I highly recommend this product and feel like every lab or phlebotomy student should use one before sticking themselves or anyone else. Phlebotomy is used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and as a therapeutic procedure.

Within hours of birth, most newborns are welcomed into their new worldly home with a sharp poke to the foot. Drawing blood is only responsibility for hospital nurses, but a very important one, so knowing the proper procedure is up to you to master. Quick and easy phlebotomy services nationwide mobile. This is a specialized skill that is needed in the medical field. Booth and lillian mundt mcgrawhill education coauthored by a nurse and a medical lab scientist, this book aims to make your transition from the classroom to the lab simple and straightforward. Take our phlebotomy refresher course and get the training you need to successfully draw blood specimens and sit for the nha phlebotomy technician exam to obtain your certification. To provide a guideline for performing safe phlebotomy procedures on our neonate, infant and pediatric population. The 440page fullcolor reference book answers over 400 commonly asked questions on blood sample collection and handling, and managing phlebotomy services and personnel. The first thing to consider when it comes to drawing blood is to ensure that proper aseptic technique is followed. A phlebotomist is drawing blood for a nursing home. Drug addicts injections can be very harsh on veins.

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